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"Greta & Partners", Russia, Saint-Petersburs
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About the company

The industrial - building company Greta & Partners has organized its independent activity in Saint Petersburg and Leningrad region in October 2000.

Greta & Partners has high class specialist with wide working experience capable to decide in complex problems, connected with construction and high-quality quarters finishing.

The company has licenses for realization of the functions as general contractor, the customer - developer and executes the following kinds of works:

  • Throwing up the bearing or barrier building constructions in height up to 40 meters;
  • Installation of internal engineering systems;
  • Constructions and equipment protection;
  • Facades finishing works, interior finishing works.

Company activity

Our company we have managed to recommend ourselves as reliable and favorable partner. It proves to be true not only by opinion of our colleagues, but also by a significant amount of firms and organizations and others customers who have made the decision to take advantage of our services.

The services given by our company include a full spectrum of repair-building services including designing-estimate works, construction on a turnkey basis and many other things.

Our company offers the services of design, construction, restoration to juridical organizations and private customers. Our purpose is to solve costumer problems in complex, in questions connected with construction, restoration works.

The main principle of our activity is diligent and careful performance of all obligations taken on. The control under each component work realization determines the quality of the executed work.

For realization of the specified kinds of services we have all necessary licenses and certificates.

Works carried out by us have high quality and strictly corresponds to all established norms.

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